Thursday, 6 October 2016

Water boatmen

They say
that DNA
imprints on water
So when we swim
a million particles 
stream out behind,
like double-helix
microscopic sea horses
And we can never truly say
That we are not the water,
Or that the water is not us.

Yet we wander the world
Like water boatmen.
Skimming glassy surfaces
Testing the tension
Of the violin-bow meniscus
Where desire to live and feel
Can be heard as a low thrum between us
If we listen hard enough.

We want to walk on water
Skate over the warm reflections
Traverse the smooth shores
And ride the waves, when they come

Yet imprint we must
On life as in water
Seek possibilities knowing
We'll leave some part of ourselves behind
Or that we'll crack, and let the water in
Break the tension, break the spell
Change and merge
The plunge will come.
But if not now, then when?

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